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          FPB 64 Updates

          The following articles cover the FPB 64 construction sequence. You will find hundreds of detailed photos with explanations covering every phase of the build cycle. Scroll down to the bottom to see the first articles.

          Surfing is The Way

          Having grown up in Southern California, with a sailing and surfing background, riding the waves? a natural part of being in or on the water. Our sailing and FPB designs have reflected this from the beginning. Recently we were surprised to learn that some of our owners are afraid of what is actually. one of the best things you can do with our yachts. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 3, 2020)    |    Comments (2)

          FPB 64-6: How To Make A Winter Crossing of the Atlantic In A Difficult Year

          FPB 64-6 has just completed a winter crossing of the North Atlantic, which at one point featured hurricane strength compression storms in east and west regions. She did so in classic fashion, taking advantage of the weather when possible, but always with a bailout option if the forecasts turned negative. There are a number of lessons for us in this passage. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 2, 2019)    |    Comments (3)

          Life In A Post-FPB World

          “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
          ~ William A. Foster

          This is a difficult post for Linda and me to write. But events in the past few weeks together with the urging of many of our friends and clients (often one and the same) have forced the issue, starting with the William Foster quote above sent to us by one of our owners.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 26, 2018)    |    Comments (38)

          FPB Video: The Way


          A new video in which we reveal the secrets behind?all those ocean-crossing miles… Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (January 16, 2018)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB in the Press: Soundings Magazine


          Soundings Magazine has an extensive feature on FPB in their March 2017 issue. They’ve also put together a nice video on the FPB designs for their website… Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (February 9, 2017)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB In The News: All The Reasons We Cruise


          Stan & Valerie Creighton have a lovely article in the latest edition of Berthon MagazineRead the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (September 13, 2016)    |    Comments (1)

          FPB Owner Blogs – Adventures of Avatar


          From time to time we like to feature owner blogs here on SetSail. Returning readers?will no doubt be familiar with the stunning photography and narrative style of FPB 64-1?Avatar owner Carol Parker. Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (February 10, 2016)    |    Comments (0)

          Featured Video: The Journeys of FPB 64 Iron Lady


          Pete Rossin has recently posted a beautiful video on YouTube.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (August 21, 2015)    |    Comments (1)

          FPB 64 Sarah Sarah Anchored In Lituya Bay, Alaska And A New Slide Show By Sue Henry

          Sarah Sarah Litoya 5

          Sue Henry sent us this lovely photo of Sarah Sarah anchored in Lituya Bay, the location of the highest tidal wave in recorded history. How does 1720 feet sound? Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 6, 2015)    |    Comments (1)

          FPB 64 Grey Wolf To 80 Degrees 27 Minutes North

          FPB Gray Wolf Magdelena

          FPB 64 Grey Wolf has reached 80 degrees, 27?minutes north latitude, within 573?nautical miles of the North Pole!

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (July 19, 2015)    |    Comments (1)

          FPB 64 Grey Wolf Nears Svalbard: Summer Cruising In The High Arctic


          FPB 64?Grey Wolf is starting?a summer of arctic cruising. Making a direct passage?from Scotland, she is currently less than a day out from Svalbard, well inside the arctic circle at 74 degrees shown in the graphic above. Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (June 30, 2015)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-7 Buffalo Nickel Reports From Vanuatu


          Stan and Valerie Creighton have shepherded?Buffalo Nickel?over to Vanuatu this season, in part to lend a hand in the ongoing rescue efforts after the damage wreaked by Cyclone Pam.? Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (June 22, 2015)    |    Comments (2)

          FPB 64 – Introduction

          When we wrote this introduction six?years ago, during the depths of a marine industry depression, we had no idea that the summer of 2016 would have 11?FPB 64s in the water cruising. For all the latest FPB 64 updates, click here. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 8, 2015)    |    Comments (12)

          FPB 97 and the FPB Concept: What The Establishment Thinks


          What would you assume is the ocean-crossing yacht of choice for the editor of a preeminent megayacht magazine who’s seen it all? Read Stewart Campbell’s editor’s letter in the April 2015 edition of Boat International to find out. Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (April 7, 2015)    |    Comments (3)

          Happy 5th Birthday Avatar!


          It’s hard to believe that FPB 64-1 Avatar is five years old. In that relatively short period, she has traveled over 36,000 nautical miles and visited 17 countries. Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (April 7, 2015)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB Owner Blog Spotlight: FPB 64 Avatar in Central America


          FPB 64-1 Avatar is currently wending its way down through Central America. Owner Carol Parker, an avid photographer, has joined up to explore and document the adventures. Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (January 30, 2015)    |    Comments (1)

          Survival Storm Tactic Tested Off The Needles In Breaking Seas: Updated With Video


          The ultimate survival storm tactic, jogging into breaking seas, has had its first (and hopefully last) FPB test. This took place recently off the Needles near the Isle of Wight in the UK’s Solent. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 2, 2014)    |    Comments (20)

          FPB 64-10 Launches, FPBs 78-3 and 64-11 Begin Construction – Posted by Sarah

          DSC 0543

          We are pleased to report that FPB 64-10 has begun her sea trials. Riptide is sitting well on her lines and happy to be afloat.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (September 26, 2014)    |    Comments (16)

          FPB Construction Progress Update: August1, 2014

          Forepeak from anchor locker 3

          It is the first day of August and time for an update, starting with three shots of the FPB 97-1 forepeak, looking here from inside the chain locker and aft. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 1, 2014)    |    Comments (27)

          FPB 78 Series Construction Update June 20, 2014

          20140613 005

          The first of the FPB 78 series now has all of its bottom plate in place, a major milestone.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 20, 2014)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf: They’re Getting Close…


          Peter Watson and his intrepid crew aboard FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf are now just a few days’ from Panama. Keep up with their progress on Berthon’s web site. Of particular interest may be Peter’s comments after now having voyaged over 6,000 nm in the last two months.

          Posted by admin  (May 15, 2014)    |    Comments (2)

          FPB Construction Update

          20131205 007

          Words don’t work here. The photo is capable of speaking for itself.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 8, 2013)    |    Comments (12)

          Progress On All Fronts In New Zealand – And Getting Comfortable in the Wicked Great Room

          20130815 003

          Although the furniture represents a small part of the total weight of the boat, we want it to be as light as practical, as you see here with the carcass for the FPB 97 great room settee. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 20, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB Update – Coming Together Quickly

          FPB progress Circa Aug 2 2013 1 2

          This week we bring you an update on FPB 97-1 and FPB 64s eight, nine and ten. Starting with 97-1 where metal work is rapidly coming to an end.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 2, 2013)    |    Comments (7)

          Report From New Zealand: 10th FPB 64 Begins – FPB 97 Masts Are Up

          20130614 018 2

          Here is a sight guaranteed to please… FPB 64-10 has begun its journey (right) while FPB 97-1 has its mast structure well under way.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 14, 2013)    |    Comments (2)

          FPB 64-7 Buffalo Nickel, New Zealand to Fiji (Posted by Sarah)


          I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with Valerie and Stan Creighton as they became acquainted with their new baby back in March. Fast forward to June and they’ve just completed an adventurous passage from New Zealand to Fiji. Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (June 7, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-3 Iron Lady – Arrives Papeete, Tahiti

          Excitement is building aboard Iron Lady with Pete Rossin and crew as the smell of land, fresh baguettes, and Hinano beer, draw them ever closer.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 28, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-3 On Passage New Zealand to Papeete: Post 4

          Today’s update from FPB 64-3 Iron Lady comes to you from Latitude 25 20 S/Longitude 161 59 W. Read on about the beauties of a night watch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…

          Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (May 24, 2013)    |    Comments (1)

          FPB 64-3 On Passage New Zealand to Papeete: Post 3

          FPB 64-3, Iron Lady, has now passed the mystical “halfway point” on her voyage to Papeete. She is entrained between two high pressure systems, in a convergence zone, with heavy downpours, lightning, and crossing wave trains off the bow. For the day’s report on this, and the raw squid eating contest, read on. Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (May 23, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-3 On Passage New Zealand to Papeete: 2nd Post

          MG_6889Pete Rossin, enroute to Papeete on FPB 64-3 Iron Lady, gives a quick lesson in weather analysis using what you see rather than outside outside sources. Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (May 21, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-3 On Passage New Zealand to Papeete


          Iron Lady is on her way across the South Pacific from Whangarei, New Zealand to Papeete, Tahiti, in French Polynesia. Pete Rossin and crew departed New Zealand three days ago and have been sending us periodic updates. We thought you might like to keep track of their progress on this occasionally difficult ?2300NM passage.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 20, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64 Aft Deck Options

          With the recent handover of FPB 64, hull #7 –?Buffalo Nickel?– I thought readers might enjoy seeing the two aft deck configuration options available on the FPB 64. Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (March 26, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          Buffalo Nickel, FPB 64-7, Is Wet

          Buffalo Nickel Launch 101

          It is early, the sun still far to the east, when Buffalo Nickel slides under the travel lift for the first time. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (February 20, 2013)    |    Comments (11)

          Video: A Peek Behind The Gray Curtain – Posted By Sarah

          Want a taste of the FPB cycle? The following video gives an idea of the birthing process… Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (February 6, 2013)    |    Comments (1)

          FPB 64-5: A Real Tiger

          DSC 0746 2

          Sandy and John Henrichs, the owners of FPB 64-5 Tiger, are experienced cruisers who have filled their FPB 64 with interesting details, a few of which you will see here.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 18, 2013)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf: Engine Room Art

          FPB 64 6 Gray Wolf Engine Room 100

          At the risk of being repetitive, we thought you might like another look at the highest form of engine room art, this time FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 15, 2013)    |    Comments (16)

          FPB 64-6 Grey Wolf – A Few Details

          FPB 64 6 Grey Wolf Details 102

          Yesterday evening we were aboard the sixth FPB 64, Grey Wolf?and thought a few of her details might be of interest. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 12, 2013)    |    Comments (10)

          FPB 64 Introduction – Basic Specs

          “When the Dashews finally decided to resort to motive power, Steve Dashew designed a boat with the spirit of a yacht that could take on the roughest seas…”
          –Boat International Magazine


          Every now and then in yacht design, the thousands of details involved to produce a boat combine in a unique way, creating a vessel which performs substantially better than projected. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 7, 2013)    |    Comments (2)

          FPB Update: 64 Progress

          “Against the Wind…With his new powerboat design, world cruiser Steve Dashew continues a lifelong pattern of challenging the status quo.”
          –Soundings Magazine

          I have just returned from a very productive week in New Zealand and wanted to share some of the photos taken while on the ground at our builder, Circa Marine. There was much covered during the trip – here are a few of the latest details surrounding the FPB 64 program. Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (December 11, 2012)    |    Comments (4)

          FPB 64-6: A New Galley Layout and Other Details

          FPB 64 6 details 2 101

          The sixth FPB 64 is now undergoing sea trials. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (November 16, 2012)    |    Comments (10)

          Open House With A Blow

          MG 7333 The excitement of sea trials and open house is over and we are back in Arizona with a load of photos and video to process. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 20, 2012)    |    Comments (8)

          FPB 64 Avatar – Final Trial – Part One Of Three


          Since launching we’ve had master aerial photographer Ivor Wilkins on standby for the right conditions to shoot the first FPB 64. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 19, 2012)    |    Comments (4)

          FPB 97-1 And FPB 64-9 Framing Starts, FPB 64-6 Almost Ready To Launch, And Other Exciting Details

          FPB 97 1 Framing starts 107

          The Circa team is hard at work on the initial stages of FPB 97-1 fabrication, and we are starting to receive some photos of the process.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (October 11, 2012)    |    Comments (9)

          We’re Big Fans Of Avatar – Posted By Sarah

          Nope, I’m not talking about the movie – beautiful blue color in the above shot by Carol Parker notwithstanding. As a matter of fact, your genial author couldn’t make it through the unbelievably tedious sci-fi re-telling of Pocohantas. No, we here at SetSail are big fans of The Avatar Logs, the blog and photo site of Carol Parker and her adventures with husband Mike aboard FPB 64, Avatar. Read the rest »

          Posted by Sarah.Dashew  (October 9, 2012)    |    Comments (4)

          An FPB Opportunity

          At Dashew Offshore our goal has always been to build the perfect cruising yacht; delivered on time, within budget, without surprises, resulting in a contented client.

          To make this unique approach to the yacht building business successful, we have to purposely limit our sales, something that many would find counter-intuitive given the demand for FPBs.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (September 25, 2012)    |    Comments (5)

          FPB 64s Six Through Nine – Steady Progress Toward Launching

          FPB64 6 Sept 8 2012 102

          With all the excitement about the start of construction on the first FPB 97, it is easy to forget about the four FPB 64s currently in various stages of construction. We’ll start with FPB 64-6 and then move on to the other boats. Shown above is the fresh water pressure pump setup: twin pumps, so when one quits (probably mid-shower) it is easy to bring the pressure back online.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (September 12, 2012)    |    Comments (5)

          FPB 64 Series Construction Update – Builds Six Through Nine

          FPB 64 7 Aug 3 Update 103

          We’ve got a few photos (from the hundreds we get every month) to share. Assuming you have seen much of this before (or can if you go back in the archives) we’ll concentrate on a few unusual details, beginning with how to remove a prop shaft without dropping the rudder. The first two photos are of FPB64-7.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 5, 2012)    |    Comments (2)

          FPB 64 Photo Update June 8, 2012

          ?We have a series of photos from the completed (but undecorated) owner’s suite on FPB 64-5, and then a few items on FPB 64s six through nine to share as well. Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 12, 2012)    |    Comments (3)

          FPB 64-5 Sea Trial Note – 3 Meter Seas, Winds Gusting 50 Knots

          Given our morbid fascination with sea states other than benign, the following note from Bruce Farrand at Circa regarding an offshore testing day last week may shed light on what we covet in capability.

          Quick rundown on our most recent sea trial on Tiger on? 5th of June:??It was a good day to get plenty of water on to Tiger’s deck.?Forecast for the day was GALE FORCE WARNING IN FORCE, North to NorthWest winds, 40 knots, easing to 25 knots in the evening, sea becoming very rough for a time. Northerly swell of 4 meters.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (June 10, 2012)    |    Comments (0)

          FPB 64-5 Tiger: A Few Details On Deck

          FPN 64 5 Tiger Ext details 2 1

          It is Friday, we’ve got another batch of photos from New Zealand, but time for writing captions is still in short supply. So, this week we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 19, 2012)    |    Comments (21)

          First Passage: FPB 64 Iron Lady Surfing to Tonga in a Gale

          With a bit of offshore experience under your belt, and the right yacht, preparing for and executing ocean crossings becomes routine. You will get to the point where you will decide to go on Monday, spend the next couple days provisioning, and be gone by Thursday. But the first time you head for the horizon, there’s going to be some trepidation. It happens with everyone.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by admin  (May 16, 2012)    |    Comments (3)

          FPB 64-5 Tiger Is About To Prowl

          20120516 Launch 029

          We are pleased to report that on this rainy morning in the Southern Hemisphere, Circa has given birth to a Tiger. Given the auspicious beginning, rain and on-schedule launching being good luck, we await with keen interest the reports to come from this newest of FPB 64s.


          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 15, 2012)    |    Comments (6)

          Finding the Confidence to Do It

          FPB 64 Iron Lady NZ Circumnav 17

          As designers and builders, we think of our yachts as progeny and our clients as family. As such, we take great pleasure in the exploits of the former and the growth of the latter into accomplished voyagers. It is one of the main ingredients that keeps us coming back for more. Pete and Deb Rossin’s recently completed circumnavigation of New Zealand, including Stewart Island deep in the roaring forties, is a wonderful example of this.

          A large part of Pete and Deb’s trip was in waters considered to be among the most hostile in the world. During the early part of their cruise they encountered an un-forecast force nine gale, 40 plus knots of wind gusting well into the 50s, with opposing current steepening the seas–at night of course.

          Read the rest »

          Posted by Steve Dashew  (May 11, 2012)    |    Comments (2)